Wednesday February 21 , 2018

Downy "Superdad" Commercial

Superdad :: Downy Fabric Softener

Superdad was made for Downy Fabric Softener and Gen Art as part of a promotion on the People's Choice Awards. This was the criteria for the spot:

  • Be about 2.5 minutes.

  • Drive brand awareness and create a link between the brand and the emotional message the advertising campaign is focusing on, the purpose of the spot is to convey the feeling of being "Inspired."

  • Downy brand must be represented in a creative way without showing the product.

  • The spot does not need to mimic a commercial, rather it should contain a message that helps the viewer understand that Downy is the hero or the enabler that allows the viewer to “Feel More.”

  • The spot should link the brand’s emotional message to its core product benefit, softness, to drive brand awareness.

  • Fabrics should be present and play a role in the spot.
They took a chance on a concept about a lady getting mugged and a guy running around in his underwear- and ended up with a little piece that everyone was very excited about.

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Joe Wein
DP: Daniel Herman
Sound Engineer: Morgan Locke
Cast: Mike Robinson, Reamy Hall, Jon Fidler, Ellie Wein, Lucas Wein, Leigh Kelly